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City of Rauma - the game on your browser! Pin the page to home screen for a more app-like experience on Android and iOS-devices. Below you'll find some instructions on the gameplay. Have fun!

UPDATE 14.5.2018

Good news! I added an autosave feature to the game. It saves the city in the local storage every 30 seconds, which means that you can continue building your city straight away every time you play it at http://raumagame.com/play/ on the same browser! It even works after closing the browser or deleting the cache (browser dependant). If you want a hard copy save of your city, you can still use the save and load feature in the settings tab.

Game guide

Move the view by swiping up/down/left/right with touch on mobile or with mouse. You can also use arrow keys on your keyboard. To quickly move to a location, click "Map & Stats" and click on the map.

Build items by selecting an item from "Build" menu. Simply select, and click on the ground. Most items can only be built on neutral land. Click the "X" symbol on lower left to end building.

You can save and load the game from the "Settings" menu. This feature might not work on mobile devices. It has been tested on Android (games are saved in "Downloads" folder). Be aware that the game is not saved in browser cache so closing the window ends the game. Background music can be turned on in the settings as well. It's also possible to create an snapshot of the entire game area. You can save the generated image by right-clicking on the image with the mouse.

Ok, let's go!
Map & stats

What do you want to build?


    Parks & recreation

      Public services & industry

        One-time specials

          Random crazy stuff

            Community creations



              Music and sound

              Music Sounds

              Print image of the city

              This will create image of the entire city (yuge!). Beware, it might crash your broser. Once image is rendered, you can right-click on it and "Save as.." or click the download link below

              Download as image


              Population: -


              Programming, graphics, sound: Juho Ruohola
              Graphics: Matti Ruohola
              Music: Matti Mustonen

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              Game guide

              Open the game instructions

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